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technology & design! We live and breathe it. But we also know its purpose to serve people's lives.

Let us solve your technical challenges while minimizing risk and increase profits, so you can focus on building your brand and taking care of customers!

We build beautiful websites, scalable backend systems, and userfriendly apps & tools.

Our focus is on bringing value to your business that lasts. Not only for your company, but also for your customers.

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Mike is a highly motivated developer and architect that has a big passion for creating solid products and services. Mike grew up with digital products almost 20 years ago, started his career as a designer and digital artist. Years pass and he made a transition to engineering along the way.

Today Mike’s experience ranges from front-end and back-end development to architecture and has been on role as CTO on multiple projects. Including being the founder, CEO and CTO for www.theTellusProject.com

Startups & new projects

If you are a startup with an idea, Mike can form a scalable architecture to launch with. Having Mike early on he can navigate your technical platform, product, or service through all the pitfalls that most starters land on. He can also help you create a strategy for implementation as well as budgeting if needed.

Development / Engineering

Or if you need an experienced developer that works after the SOLID principles, understands good design and the importance of writing testable and scalable code. He can help you to!

Maintenance & Support

Or if you simply want a trustworthy developer to help you maintain your site when needed. He’s got your back!

Mike also works with trusted partners at times if the project demands a small to midsize team. This means you get more brainpower to solve your problem at a much lower cost. We ashure you that no line of code will be delivered without Mike's supervision.

Here’s some of Mike’s expertise:

Here’s some language/technologies Mike works with daily:

Availability: Contact us for latest status

Pricing: 1200kr or €120 for EU clients / Hour

If you have a specific project with detailed requirements, a fixed price can be negotiated for delivery (This is great if you want a greater control over cost)

If you only need maintenance and support for your project / website:
10h / month (10.000kr fixed price / month).

Mike works and operates from his office in Uppsala county / Sweden


Contact us today and let's build the future together: contact@madebylundahl.com